Garcia Richard has busy first week

Legislative session > LA representative lands two committee assignments

By John Severance

The legislative session opened last Tuesday and the first order of business for Garcia Richard was casting her first vote.

“I was moved and proud to cast my first vote as the new legislator from District 43 for W. Ken Martinez as Speaker of the House. Speaker Martinez is the former Majority Floor Leader and has always been a kind and good mentor to me.

And although I will dearly miss Speaker Ben Luján and wish I had the opportunity to serve with him, I think Speaker Martinez will serve the Legislature and New Mexico well as our leader in the upcoming session,” she said.
Garcia Richard also received her committee assignments. The rookie legislator was assigned to the House Appropriation and Finance Committee and the House Education Committee, “two committees that will be crucial for Los Alamos —especially when considering the school funding formula,” Garcia Richard said.

Garcia Richard then co-sponsored her first bill — education funding.

“This is the bill that funds all the public schools in New Mexico,” she said. “I am very happy my committee assignments allow me to help guide that bill as it is crafted and amended.

“I’ve also sponsored and co-sponsored a few other key pieces of legislation — one bill I am cosponsoring is to fund job training incentives that encourages employers to hire new workers and gives them the resources to train their new workers for technical jobs.

“This is a program that can help foster private sector growth right here in Los Alamos and around the state. I am also carrying a bill supporting renewable energy sources, another bill on water and various others.”

Garcia Richard said she wants input and feedback. She can be reached at [email protected].

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