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Stephanie Garcia Richard is running for her second term as New Mexico's Commissioner of Public Lands.

She is the first woman, Latina, and educator to serve as Land Commissioner, responsible for managing 13 million acres across New Mexico to raise revenue on behalf of public schools, universities, and hospitals.

In her first term, Stephanie has tripled renewable energy production and issued executive orders on freshwater and the Greater Chaco Region, saving millions of gallons of freshwater and protecting over 70,000 acres from development.

She established programs to hold bad actors accountable and ensure remediation and removal of over 100 abandoned wells sites, saving New Mexicans millions in cleanup costs

Stephanie has shown you can protect the health of our public lands and require industries to pay their fair share, and still break revenue records. Even during a global pandemic and recession, she has delivered over a billion dollars every year (over $5 billion in total) for New Mexicans.

WATCH SGR TESTIFY IN FRONT OF CONGRESS                     2018 Commercial - SGR for Land Commissioner


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